(01.04, 2010)On 01.04.2010, Thursday, Fools Day, all students from I and II grade from the village Preljubiste have been masked with different costumes which were very beautiful.

After they came to school, we were organized and jointly went to the school from the village Zilce, where we have gathered together with the students from that school, who have been also masked in a very interesting way. We have joined them and paraded together through the streets of the village, i.e. from the school in the village Zilce to the stadium in the village.

After we have arrived on the stadium, all children have been lined up and the most successful masks have been selected. On our pleasure, among the most successful masks were also those of the students from our school: “Snowwhite and the 7 dwarfs” (Kate – Snezana and Rilend, Juled, Adi, Veton, Drilon, Ahmet, Ljavdrim – the 7 dwarfs) and “Skeleton” (Igor).
At the end, the children were given small gifts as a reward for the victory and after that we have returned to school, where we continued the extracurricular activities.