On June 10, 2015 Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje organized a certificate ceremony for the students and teachers included in the project Nansen model for integrated education in PS Marshal Tito, Strumica in the period 2010- 2015 .

On the event, the students and teachers were addressed by NDC Skopje Executive Director, Sasho Stojkovski, Training Centre Manager, Biljana Krsteska- Papic who expressed their impressions and perspectives from the implementation of the Nansen model for integrated education in the PS Marshal Tito in Strumica Municipality. Besides awarding certificates to the students included in the project, NDC Skopje awarded Certificates of gratitude to teachers Ljubinka Cvetanova, Mejdin Usinov and Daniela Miteva who were the implementers of integrated extracurricular activities in the PS Marshal Tito in Strumica. During their keynote address, the teachers shared their impressions related to the benefits of the Nansen model for integrated education and the positive results achieved during the five year period of its implementation. Due to the excellent cooperation with the department for education within the Municipality of Strumica, NDC Skopje also awarded a Certificate of gratitude to Sonja Curlinova, retired municipal representative from the education department. During her speech, Mrs. Curlinova reiterated the necessity for integrated education initiatives that need to be supported by all stakeholders.

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