(06.03, 2009) Due to the Women’s Day, 8th of March, a ceremony has been organized and realized on 06.03.2009 in the regional integrated bilingual primary school in the village of Preljubiste called “Dear Mom”.
The goal of this ceremony was celebrating the Day of the Women – Mothers, 08th of March, describing what this holiday means for every mother, initiating positive mood, strengthening the interaction parent – student – teacher, promoting the cooperation with the parents and the families of the students and supporting the children in using the cultural and social phrases in both languages when congratulating the abovementioned holiday.
The ceremony has been organized by the teachers, of course with cooperation and support from the parents. All 24 students from both language and religious integrated groups equally took part in this ceremony through poems, recitals, songs with appropriate choreography on both languages. The students have closed the ceremony with joint congratulations to the mothers on both languages: “Среќен 8ми Март мамо!”, “Gëzuar 8 marsin nënas!”. All this has been supported with strong applauses and satisfied expressions on the faces of all present on the ceremony, that is why we think that the goal of this ceremony has been totally justified.