The teachers who have completed the basic and advanced level training for Nansen model for integrated education, as well as the tandems and teachers from the schools that have extensive cooperation with NDC Skopje, have the opportunity to incorporate the Programs for implementation of the Nansen model for integrated education within the Annual school programs for school year 2015/2016.


Dear teachers,

Due to the interest expressed by several teachers for implementing the Nansen model for integrated education through free activities and projects, we want to inform you that NDC Skopje will support all the teachers who have completed the basic and advanced level training, if they express their support for this idea during the upcoming school year.

The realization of the project and free activities according to our model, consists of providing a particular section from an Annual program (according to the age of the students), a section that is realized with groups of students who speak different languages and are representatives of various ethnic communities.

For the secondary school teachers, this can be an opportunity to fulfill the weekly fund of school hours through these activities, whereas the primary school teachers (class and subject teachers) are advised to inform the school management for this initiative with the goal of defining the status of these class hours.

The implementation dynamics of these activities will be 1-2 times per month whereas the implementers should be a tandem that speak different languages.

NDC Skopje will ensure all the necessary didactical and working materials which will be necessary for the tandems, who will continuously through the school year will participate in the implementation of the project activities.

We invite all the interested teachers to contact us until August 20, 2015 with the goal of timely selection and submission from our behalf of Annual program for the activities. The same program can be submitted to your school within the annual school programs.

With respect,

Team for education, training and delevopment within NDC Skopje