On June 2, 2015 Group 10 participants from Stolac, Prozor/Rama and Mostar were awarded certificates for successful completion of the basic level training for integrated education. The event was attended by the Minister for Education of Herzegovina – Neretva Canton, Mr. Zlatko Hadžiomerović, NDC Skopje Executive Director, Mr. Sasho Stojkovski, NDC Mostar Executive Director, Mr. Elvir Đuliman, NDC Skopje Training Centre Manager, Ms. Biljana Krsteska- Papic, NDC Skopje Project Manager, Mr. Veton Zekolli and NDC Skopje Coordinator for Education, Ms. Sonaj Bilal.

NDC Mostar in partnership with NDC Skopje implements the project “Training for teachers on integrated education” which includes 18 teachers and school principals in the capacity building program aiming to promote integrated education in Herzegovina – Neretva Canton. The project is financially supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The basic level training program was drafted and structured to enable the teachers to learn about the characteristics, specifics and acquisitions of the Nansen model for integrated education, and to develop skills for successful realization of integrated activities in schools with multiethnic structure of students.

The teachers included in the project will be responsible for the implementation of integrated education programs according to the Nansen model in their respective schools starting from the next school year.