On November 13, 2013, the basic level training started for the participants of the fourth group within the Training Centre- Nansen model for integrated education. The group is consisted of teachers and professors that are the recipients of partial scholarships awarded by NDC Skopje which come from various cities throughout Macedonia: Skopje, Tetovo, Ohrid, Struga, Kumanovo, Krushevo, Prilep, Veles and Karbinici municipality.
Basic training cycle for integrated education consists of theoretical and practical part as well as lectures by local and international experts in the field of integrated education.

The basic training cycle for integrated education is consisted of several levels of activities including:

  • Theoretical trainings and workshops – 5 modules,
  • Practical training in Nansen model schools – 2 modules,
  • Lectures with local experts – 2 modules,
  • Practical implementation of integrated extracurricular activities – 1 module,
  • Conference on integrated education with international experts – 4 modules.