On 01.09.2011, there was a formal reception of the second generation of students in the dispersed classes of SSOU “Mosa Pijade”, village Preljubiste. The new students and their parents have been welcomed by Prof. Steinar Bryn – Director of the Nansen Network on the Balkans, Petar Gligorov – Director of SSOU “Mosa Pijade” – Tetovo, Saso Stojkovski – Executive Director of NDC Skopje, Toni Kocevski – Mayor of Jegunovce Municipality, as well as by Nebojsa Trpkovski and Ruhan Iljazi, Heads of the classes of the new generation of students.
The students and the parents have been introduced to additional information about the project which is realized by NDC Skopje in this school, the way the school is functioning, the realization of the regular and informal teaching, the planned activities, as well as about the benefit and the expected results from the project.
Due to lack of space, this academic year the school is able to enroll new students in two classes only and the students are enrolled in the electrical and technical branch (profile: electrical technician for computer techniques and automatics). They will follow the regular teaching in Macedonian and Albanian, whereas the informal activities will be followed in both languages.