On 10th May, 2019, teachers Daniela Stefanovska and Hatixhe Memeti with first grade students carried out the daily activity “By the river” from the monthly topic “Spring in my country” as part of the Eco section of the Annual Program for extracurricular intercultural activities.

In order to warm up, relax and create a pleasant working atmosphere, the activity started with an introductory game. The activity continued with work in groups in which students made elements of an environment by the river. The worksheet, on which a clean and unclean environment by the river was pictured, was exhibited in the hall of the school.

The aims of this activity are: to support children’s curiosity for studying and researching natural phenomena, to encourage students to independently monitor changes in nature, to stimulate positive environment in the group, as well as to sensitize students for more possible ways of utilization of waste materials in the household.