During February 2019, teachers Mirjana Nevenova and Fatmire Mahmudi together with students from the fourth grade carried out activities within the monthly topic “Knitting” from the Art section of the Annual program for extracurricular intercultural activities.

Through the introductory game “The Rabbit lost his hat”, students discovered the topic of the daily activity. During the realization of the daily activity “Hats”, the students cooperated with each other and with the help of wool, various threads and canvas they made winter hats.

The aims of the activities are: to support constructive communication and cooperation between students and teachers from two different ethnic groups, to encourage the students’ creativity and originality through artistic expression and creation, to familiarize students with the basics of knitting as a way of creative expression as well as to enrich the active vocabulary of students with new words in the field of art in both languages.