NDC Skopje Executive Director Mr. Sasho Stojkovski and Training Centre Manager Ms. Biljana Krsteska- Papic together with partners included in the project Nansen model for integrated education- the principal of the PS Slavco Stojmenski in Vinica Mr. Jordan Stojanov, teachers Ms. Daniela Apostolovska and Ms. Aleksandra Kundevska from PS Bratstvo- Migeni, Tetovo, are participated at the International Conference on integrated education titled “Integrated and intercultural education in Europe. The conference was organized by Nansen Dialogue Center Osijek and took place in the city of Vukovar in the period February 28- March 1st, 2015.

The conference was organized with the goal of sharing best practices and experience in the field of integrated education and the conference participants had the opportunity to hear lectures and presentation from speakers coming from Great Britain, Macedonia, Germany, Norway, Turkey, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.

On the first working day of the Conference, NDC Skopje Executive Director Mr. Sasho Stojkovski addressed the audience and gave an overview of the NDC Skopje scope of work and activities in Macedonia and the region particularly focusing on the impact of the Program for dialogue and reconciliation.

NDC Skopje Training Centre Manager Ms. Biljana Krsteska- Papic held a presentation about the benefits, characteristic and results of the Nansen model for integrated education by elaborating all the specifics of this integrated education model developed by NDC Skopje. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to view a short video produced by NDC Skopje titled “Nansen model- impressions, benefits and perspectives” featuring statements and interviews with the main projects stakeholders and beneficiaries.

After the presentations, the participants engaged in the panel discussion with NDC Skopje representatives.