On July 9, 2013 a delegation consisted of advisers within the Government of Turkey, university professors, representatives of educational associations and institutions had a meeting with the NDC Skopje team at the premises of the Training Centre for NMIE.

The goal of the visit was to get get more closely acquainted with the program activities of the Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje in the field of integrated education and exploring the opportunity for collaboration with the relevant Turkish institutions and organizations.

The NDC Skopje representatives thoroughly presented the Nansen model for integrated education, the characteristics and the benefits of the education system from the implementation of the program activities within the schools that apply the NMIE. The integrated extracurricular activities were presented with a video from an integrated class during which the delegation had the opportunity to witness the atmosphere and see the working methodology that is applied during the implementation of the integrated extracurricular activities.

During the meeting, the NDC Skopje representatives also presented the work of the first Training Centre for integrated education and presented the topics from the basic and advanced trainings for integrated education that are carried out within the Training Centre.

The delegation expressed the interest for the Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje scope of work and also expressed their wish to visit part of the schools that apply the Nansen model for integrated education.

The initial meeting between the NDC Skopje representatives and part of the delegation representatives was realized during the working visit to Turkey in the period June 17-20, 2013.

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