(05.04, 2010)Third day of Easter. Following the tradition, friends visit each other and exchange red Easter eggs between themselves, saying Hristos Voskrese – Navistina Voskrese.

Today, we – the teachers and students of IBPS Fridtjof Nansen from the village Preljubiste, have also attended the Easter table of the family Simoski in the village Preljubiste.
The purpose of this visit was for the students in first grade from both ethnic communities to get to know the traditional customs related to Easter Holidays.

At the entrance of their home, the hostess Lidija Simoska has greeted us with a warm welcome and after that, she took care each child to be seated by the rich Easter table, prepared by her. Besides food, the table was plentiful with Easter decoration, a basket with eggs colored in many colors. The happiness of the children was huge.
Before leaving their home, according to the customs, the hosts have given a red Easter egg to each child.
Special gratitude to the family Simoski, who have contributed that we and the students feel pleasant in their home and also to realize the purpose of our visit.