During October 2018, teachers Svetlana Kocovska and Afërdita Amedovska, together with third-grade students, conducted activities from the month’s topic  “Eco etiquette”  within the Eco Section of the Annual Program for Intercultural Extracurricular Activities.

The students discussed on topics: Rules of conduct in the classroom and Rules of conduct in the immediate environment. For the realization of these activities, students emphasized which rules should be respected in the classroom, school and in the immediate environment. They went to the school yard where they picked up garbage, thus giving their contribution for a cleaner environment. They also prepared leaflets for promoting а clean and healthy living environment.

The aims of the activities are to expand and deepen the children’s knowledge about certain rules that should be respected in the school and the classroom, to encourage students to independently create a clear system of acceptable rules of behavior in the natural environment, to develop a responsible attitude among students for consistent practice and respect of  Eco etiquette,  to develop a responsible attitude for preserving a clean, immediate environment, as well as to strengthen the friendship between students from both ethnic communities.