On December 15, 2013 during the second day of the Second international conference on integrated education, 33 participants were awarded Certificates for successful completion of the advanced training cycle. The certificates were awarded to the participants on behalf of the NDC Skopje Manager for education, training and development Ms. Biljana Krsteska- Papic and the Senior development officer of NICIE Ms. Cliodhna Scott- Wills.

On this occasion, NDC Skopje Manager for education, training and development, Ms. Biljana Krsteska – Papic addressed the teachers and highlighted the importance of the promotion of values on which the Nansen model for integrated education is built upon. Ms. Krsetska- Papic also stressed the importance of integrated education as the only perspective of the Macedonian education system in terms of challenging the negative processes of segregation and gaps between the education stakeholders.

You are now the immediate promoters of the values on which the Nansen model is carefully built and those are: mutual respect, tolerance, open communication, empathy, promoting of diversity as a treasure and not as a barrier. You have all upgraded your skills and competences and strengthened the basis of the mutually built relations that grew into friendship, whereas the differences transformed into a challenge for getting to know each other better.” Biljana Krsteska- Papic, NDC Skopje Manager for education, training and development.

The teachers and the conference participants were also addressed by Ms. Cliodhna Scott – Wills from the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education that highlighted the importance of sharing best practices in the field of integrated education internationally.

We are delighted to have this relationship with NDC Skopje and we are looking forward into developing that relationship and we are also learning as much from you and there are lots of ideas that we can develop within the integrated schools in Northern Ireland. With this we believe that we will have a positive impact in our schools and is really important to develop networks of different organizations so we can learn from each other and I wish you all the best in the future.” Cliodhna Scott- Wills, NICIE Senior development officer.

Noreen Campbell, the Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Council for integrated education congratulated the teachers who successfully completed the advanced training cycle on integrated education within the NDC Skopje Training Centre during a video speech.

I would like to congratulate you all for the successful completion of the advanced level training. I am very pleased to sign my signature to your certificates. You have shown a great commitment to your professional development in the field of integrated education. I am hopeful that this is an area of professional development that some of you would wish to continue further. Taking part in this you are contributing to your schools, to your work and to a development of a better society in Macedonia.” Noreen Campbell, NICIE Chief Executive Director