The team for education, training and development initiated the process of drafting a series of five Manuals in order to provide support for the teachers- implementers of the Nansen model for integrated education during the implementation of the integrated extracurricular activities. The Manuals will be closely correlated with the thematic fields from the annual programs for integrated extracurricular activities; at the same time will offer a more detailed approach to the specific NMIE characteristics.

The first Manual, published on September 18, 2013 is a collection of successful and representative models of extracurricular activities, implemented by several teacher tandems in schools that implement the Nansen model for integrated education.

The purpose of this Manual is to stimulate and encourage the implementers in the process of preparing original and inventive bilingual activities that at the same time will promote the specifics of the model.

This concept of exhibiting positive, successful and representative extracurricular activities will be practiced throughout the school year by which the topics of the activities will be adjusted with the actual events and happening within the school.

This Manual is prepared in three languages (Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish) and will be made available to all the teachers that are in the role of implementers of the Nansen model for integrated education.