During the month of August, 2017, five groups of trainees (Group 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18) that successfully completed the basic level training for integrated education officially startted with the advanced lavel training program. The teachers successfully completed the basic level training cycle in May 2017.

These groups of trainees are consisted of teachers from selected schools to implement the Concept for Intercultural Education: PS Toli Zordumis, Kumanovo, PS Goce Delcev, Bitola, MPS Bratstvo Edinstvo, Debar, MSSCS Braka Miladinovci, Skopje and MPS Bratstvo, Skopje. The groups also include teachers that implement the Nansen model for integrated education through project activities from PS Nikola Karev, Krusevo, PS Kiril i Metodij, Kuceviste, PS Kiril i Metodij, Kanatlarci, PS Bratstvo-Migeni, Tetovo, PS Avram Pisevski, Bardovci and PS Goce Delcev, Konce.