On October 12, 2011 the project “Nansen model for integrated education” was formally launched in PS “Goce Delcev”, Nova Maala, Municipality of Vasilevo. On the event, the guests had the opportunity to hear the remarks of Gordana Janeva- Director of the school, Sasho Stojkovski- Executive Director of NDC Skopje, Vanco Stojanov- Mayor of Municipality of Vasilevo and Pance Kralev- Minister for Education and Science. During the event, the students presented one cultural-artistic program. Among the guests of the launching ceremony were: Hadi Nezir- Minister-Government of R. of Macedonia, Burak Gurkan- third secretary within the Turkish Embassy in Macedonia, Jakup Arslan- CEO of Turkish colleges in Macedonia, school management and staff of PS Goce Delcev, representatives of the local community in Visoka Maala, teams of teachers and professors from the integrated schools in Municipality of Jegunovce and Strumica and a large number of parents and students from Municipality of Vasilevo.

The guests welcomed the initiative and expressed interest for the project that has demonstrated outstanding results in the municipalities where its being implemented.

“The multi-ethnicity of Macedonia reflects the education process as well; therefore the implementation of this model in six other municipalities within the country has shown significant results in overcoming various differences and barriers amongst two ethnic communities. With this project that will be implemented in the mixed classrooms from sixth grade, through mutual cooperation between parents, teachers and students, the differences in tradition, religion and culture become the factors of cohesion.

The project Nansen model for integrated education will be implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Vasilevo, in the regional school Goce Delcev ion Nova Maala where besides the regulars teaching process, integrated extracurricular activities will be also implemented for the sixth grade students from Macedonian and Turkish ethnic background.

For the Mayor of Municipality of Vasilevo, Vanco Stojanov, this project represents a great opportunity to bring the citizens closer within the Municipality of Vasilevo where 18% of the citizens are Turks.