On May 23, 2017, NDC Skopje Training Centre was pleased to mark the successful completion of the specialized training program for the Nansen model and approach. Group 2 participants attended the final lecture foreseen for this training module. After the lecture, the participants were addressed by the Advisor to the Minister for education and science, Mr. Safet Neziri and NDC Skopje Executive Director, Mr. Sasho Stojkovski who congratulated the participants and awarded Certificates for successful completion of this program. The Specialized training program for the Nansen model, i.e. for Nansen approach in primary and secondary education emerged as an initiative which aims at upgrading knowledge, developing skills and competences of teachers that are experienced implementers of the Nansen model for integrated education, distinguished tandems, as well as for teachers who continuously participate in organizing project school activities based on the Nansen model for integrated education. Personal transformation of the included teachers will represent the basis for future positive transformation of the schools, thanks to the detected benefits of the Nansen model for integrated education to the overall educational process in the Republic Macedonia. This is the second group that successfully completed this program within NDC Skopje Training Centre. The Group 2 specialized trainings begun in November 2016.