In the period 11-20 December 2012 educational workshops and consultations were held for the parents of the students included in the project Nansen model for integrated education as part of the annual program for cooperation with parents drafted by the team for education within NDC Skopje.

On December 11 the first educational workshop took place at the PS “Shemshovo” (Fridtjof Nansen)- Preljubishte. The educational workshop “Punishment and rewarding” was held as a discussion with the parents in regards to the issues they are facing with their children and the possible educational methods they could use either to “punish” or reward their children.

On December 17 the educational workshop “Punishment and rewarding” was organized for the parents of the students of the vocational secondary school “Mosha Pijade”- Preljubishte. On this workshop the parents from the Macedonian and Albanian class were present. It was discussed about the application of parents’ punishments and rewarding as well as their positive and negative effect for the students. By using the brainstorming technique the parents clarified the terms “punishment” and rewarding and afterwards followed a presentation with theoretical facts and explanations regarding the topic. The presentation was followed by a discussion with the parents regarding their issues and thought about punishment and rewarding.

On December 20 the same workshop was organized in the primary school “Marshal Tito”- Strumica. On the workshop the parents from the Turkish and Macedonian students were present together. A theoretical presentation was delivered to the parents and afterwards there was a discussion on the topic and the issues faced by the parents. The present parents received questionnaires regarding the selection of topics they seek to learn more about within the frames of the program for cooperation with parents.