On March 28, 2018, teachers Maja Miteva-Petroska, Todorka Nane and Zaharica Rujanoska realized the activities “Germany-flag, language, currency” and “In the world of fairytales” planned as part of the monthly theme “Germany”. The aims and objectives of the activity were: encouraging children’s interest in discovering and reading fairy tales from German authors, training students to use some cultural phrases from the German language, mutual cooperation and respect, maintaining a positive emotional climate, developing creativity, and enabling positive mood among the students.

“In the main part of the activity “Germany – flag, language, currency” we make a poster, which consists of images from the most important characteristics of Germany. Students are divided into two groups by drawing cards with written words that represent different areas (symbols, tradition, sport, culture, music). According to them, students separate the different cards (by areas), they have to share an information about the content and group the cards. Finally, they stick them to the main poster.” Zaharica Rujanoska and Todorka Nane.

“In the main part of the activity “In the World of Fairytales “, we display a brief presentation of the fairy tale Ugly Duckling by H. K. Andersen and the students follow the fairy tale and memorize the images from it. Then, students work in pairs and each pair gets one illustration from the fairy tale and it should be painted. After all the illustrations will be ready, the students, along with the teacher, make a book of illustrations, and in this way the images represent the seen fairy tale.” Zaharica Rujanoska and Maja Miteva – Petroska.