As a continuation of the Basic training cycle for integrated education, NDC Skopje organized two days sessions of lectures and trainings with university professors and lecturers. During the first day session held on November 29, 201 Ms. Florina Shehu, PhD- professor at the Teacher Training Faculty in Skopje presented a lecture and a variety of activities on the topic “Communication between teacher teams and tandems in multicultural environments”. Besides the first group of teachers that have already completed the theoretical and practical part of the basic training for integrated education, the existing cadre of teachers and professors working within NMIE project was also included in the training sessions.

On November 30, 2012 the training for the teachers continued with a lecture and activities presented by Professor Zoran Velkovski- PhD from the Institute for Pedagogy. The topics presented by Prof. Velkovski where related to the strengthening of teachers competences while defining the goals and the tasks, so as applying different forms, methods and techniques of work during the implementation of the integrated extracurricular activities.

A total number of 29 teachers and professors participated in these training sessions.