One more collaboration is marked, this time Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje starts the integrated education project in the primary school Slavcho Stojmenski in Vinica municipality. With the goal of increasing interethnic tolerance between the students from the Macedonian and Turkish ethnic community, 50 students will be included in the integrated extracurricular activities. The Nansen model for integrated education which is practiced always includes three basic components, the collaboration between the teachers, students and parents with the aim of overcoming the differences and establishing mutual tolerance.

“Integration as a process is a necessity from day to day, not just for the Republic of Macedonia but for the region as well. Process that demonstrates the first results for a very short period, process that should not stop and to be implemented only through projects, this should be a long term process  so we can see the benefits from our mutual work and from our mutual investment. We are very pleased to start the project with 50 students, in one classroom, due to the current conditions. I believe that this number of students, this number of parents and their support will grow each year, we are willing to continue our collaboration with Vinica municipality, with this school, with new classes, and with a larger number of students and parents.  A big gratitude for the municipality, the director and school management, the parents that have supported this project and are willing to participate, the teachers and the business community  that financially supported the project.“ Sasho Stojkovski, Executive Director of Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje

Full scholarships are awarded for two teachers from the primary school Slavcho Stojmenski, Vinica municipality whereas the business community assisted the project with partial equipping of the classroom in which the integrative education process will be implemented. A certain amount of funding will be allocated for the project from the municipal budget of Vinica municipality.

Through socialization and children’s play, the students from three ethnic communities will be integrated in one place, the Macedonian, Turkish and Roma.  With mutual work and dedication, with the will for achieving new challenges of education reforms, through promoting cohesion, multiculturalism and integration I support this project with all the human and financial resources available. Success is guaranteed if mutual collaboration exists, and the results will come as an award for all. The smiling faces of the students motivate me to dedicate myself in the direction of improving the conditions of the schools within our municipality.” Emil Donchev, Mayor of Vinica Municipality.

Nansen dialogue Centre Skopje provides the Annual Programs for integarted extracurricular activities, programs for cooperation with parents, trainings for teachers that will implement the programs, didactical means and equipement, working literature for teachers and students, expert assistance and consultations during the implementation of the Nansen model for integarted education.
The language barrier is overcome through the joint extracurricular activities, mutual acquisition of ethnic communities, overcoming the differences and tolerance. The project between Vinica Municipality and NDC Skopje is foreseen to also continue the next school year in which new students will be included in the integrated extracurricular activities.

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