During the last week of December, 2013 Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje organized fun activities for the students and school staff including puppet shows, magicians, festive celebrations and modest presents. This was a wonderful way to mark the successful ending of the 2013 calendar year and the end of the first school semester within the schools that apply the Nansen model for integrated education. The schedule of the activities was the following:

December 24th- Primary School Fridtjof Nansen (Shemshovo)- Preljubishte, Secondary School Mosha Pijade- Preljubishte and Primary School Rajko Zhinzifov/ Ismail Qemali- Cair
December 25th- Primary School Goce Delcev- Konche, Primary School Marshal Tito- Strumica
December 26th- Primary School Slavcho Stojmenski- Vinica