NDC Skopje hosted a meeting with the Minister for education and science, Ms. Renata Deskoska and the members of the management boards of NDC Skopje and the Foundation for Integrated Education: Ms. Elizabeta Zijlstra Jovanovska – President of Nansen board, Ms. Bente Knagenhjelm – Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue, Oslo, Norway, Ms. Noreen Campbell – ex. CEO NICIE, Northern Ireland, Ms. Simone Filippini – Director of The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, Mr. Erwan Fouere – ex ambassador at EU Delegation in Skopje, Mr. Zvi Bekerman – School of Education, Melton Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Mr. Steinar Bryn – Founder of Nansen dialogue network, Lillehammer, Norway, Mr. Nigel Arnold – Principal of Glengormley Controlled Integrated Primary School, Belfast, N. Ireland.

The agenda of the meeting was a continuation of the discussions regarding the presentations of the Nansen model school principals as basis for discussion and finding ways to utilize the Foundation for Integrated Education in order to achieve its goals for action.

The members of the Management Boards briefed Minister Deskoska about the general developments related to the work and activities of NDC Skopje, the individual roles and engagement of the board members and it was discussed about the prospects for further strengthening of the cooperation with the MoES.

The Minister for education and science, Ms. Renata Deskoska closely informed the members of the Management Board about the initiated cooperation with NDC Skopje and the plans to include NDC Skopje as an active partner in the education reforms in the department of education. It was also discussed about the necessity to support and strengthen the intercultural component in the education process in Macedonia and that this process should represent an inclusive and thorough approach.