During February 2019, teachers Xhejlan Ismaili and Lidija Serafimovska, together with students of third grade, carried out extracurricular intercultural activities according to the Nansen model, as part of the month’s topic “Food” within the Section Get to know Macedonia.

The tоpic of the daily activity was “From my grandmother’s table”. The students discussed about traditions, traditional dishes in our country, what dishes are prepared and what are their favorite traditional dishes. Two housewives from two ethnic communities who brought traditional homemade food were invited to the activity. The students actively participated in the activities and happily cooperated in preparing and decorating the table, they socialized while tasting dishes made by their grandmothers.

The goals of these activities are: to develop a tolerant and cosmopolitan view and spirit towards diversity from a linguistic, ethnic, religious, cultural character, to enrich the active vocabulary of students with multiple cultural and social phrases common in different occasions or holidays, mutual cooperation and help through carrying out joint activities as well as to develop a sense of joy and pleasure in the realization of the extracurricular games.