The NDN meeting was held on November 21, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. This meeting was a follow up of the previous NDN meeting held in June 1, 2012 in Belgrade, Serbia. The meeting was organized in order to provide a platform for discussing and developing specific ideas for partnership and cooperation between the Centers. The meeting was attended by: Maria Sommardahl -NCPD, Angel Vidal- Vidal Consulting, Bente Knagenhjelm NCPD, Tatjana Popovic -NDC Serbia, Ljuljjeta Goranci-Brkic- NDC Sarajevo, Elvir Djuliman- NDC Mostar, Suzana Agotic- NDC Osijek, Ivana Gajovic- NDC Montenegro, Tanja Trajkovic- NDC Bujanovac, Ance Jovanoska- NDC Skopje and Petrit Tahiri- NDC Kosovo (KND).

All representatives from the offices unanimously agreed that enhanced network cooperation is the key to product development and further funding. The necessity of product development and active seeking of further funding was discussed in terms of having more opportunities to develop new ideas and use the intellectual resources. There were several outcomes from this meeting related to specific concept ideas for concrete activities and cooperation between specific centers that were to be developed in details additionally. It was stressed that a constant line of communication needs to be maintained in order to keep NDN fully functional.