In the period October 26-27, 2018, NDC Skopje Project Manager, Veton Zekolli together with a delegation of teachers and students from Macedonia Darko Taleski, Ilina Minoska, Magbule Mersini, Shpresa Iseini, Garip Shakiri, Radica Acevska, Gezim Idrizi and Mirjana Petrevska participated at the final conference of the project GEAR (Global Education and Active Response) titled “Inclusive societies – the role of education for human rights, diversity and interculturality in Europe” held in Spain.

NDC Skopje Project Manager Veton Zekolli shared the experience of NDC Skopje and the results achieved from the implementation of the Nansen model for intercultural education, whereas teacher Darko Taleski from PS Kirij i Metodij, Kanatlarci presented the experience from the practical implementation of the Nansen model through project activities in the panel “Good Practices in inclusive education for diversity: Teachers’ Perspective”.

The Project GEAR is implemented in cooperation with 11 partners – civil society organizations, teachers, students and schools from five European countries: Croatia, Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Macedonia. The goal of this Project is promotion of democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship and prevention of violent radicalization.