August 16, 2016 – NDC Skopje team for education, training and development in cooperation with teacher tandems- implementers of the Nansen model for integrated education Radica Acevska and Mirsada Idrizi from MPS Liria, Tetovo, Nagihan Snopce and Gabriela Merdzanoska from MPS “Goce Delcev”, Gostivar drafted а Manual that is consisted of successful model activities realized according to the Annual programs of the Nansen model for integrated activities.

The selected activities featured in the manual are derived from the Annual program sections “Little explorers” and “Education for peace and tolerance”.

The manual is drafted bilingually, in Macedonian and Albanian language and is created with the goal of motivating the implementers in the process of planning and preparation of inventive and original bilingual activities that will simultaneously promote the specifics of the model by presenting successful and representative extracurricular activities that were implemented in the above mentioned schools. The selected samples of planning’s will represent a useful didactic resource that will encourage new and original approaches in the process of planning and implementation of integrated activities of extracurricular character.

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