Nansen Training Centre for integrated education has drafted the program intended for principals of multiethnic primary and secondary schools, structured with the aim of introducing the principals with the development, concept and the idea for integrated education through multiple positive examples, experiences and models from several European educational and upbringing systems which represented the starting point during the development of the Nansen model for integrated education in R. of Macedonia.

The training program intended for the school principals also aims to offer multiple information, knowledge and skills necessary for creating strategies to support the Nansen model for integrated education within central school surroundings as a structural component of the annual programs for school operation in the path of building the ethos of an integrated school.

Through the training program, the principals will have the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge on project management, also in finding and securing various financial sources for integrated schools and their overall educational and upbringing function.

The training program for school principals is consisted of four multilayered topics:

  • Benefits and characteristics of the Nansen model for integrated education as a new educational initiative in the Macedonian educational system and basis for building integrated school ethos in the R.M.
  • Project management in integrated schools
  • Securing sources of financing for integrated schools (fundraising)
  • Development of the concept for integrated education in Europe

The selected topics will be implemented through one day trainings prepared by local and international experts from the respective topics.

The main characteristics of the training program for school principals are:

Interactive methods of work, bilingual /trilingual approach, work in small groups, constructive group discussions, positive and encouraging working environment.

The participants who will actively participate in all the planned topics and lectures will receive an international certificate.