The Mayor of the Municipality of Krushevo, Tome Hristoski, at the end of the school semester visited the students from the three groups that are included in the activities from the Nansen model for integrated education which includes students from the Macedonian, Albanian and Vlach communities in Krusevo and the village of Borino.

As a gift, the Mayor received some of the students crafts from their last New Year’s workshop.

The extracurricular and project activities according to the Nansen model for integrated education are being carried out for the fourth consecutive year in the primary school “Nikola Karev” – Krushevo and in the primary school Borino. The activities are carried out bililngually in Macedonian and Vlach languages ​​in the central school and in Macedonian and Albanian languages ​​at the regional school in v. Borino. Additonally, more than 10 teachers from this school, Macedonians, Vlachs and Albanians have completed the basic and advanced training for integrated education according to this model organized by Nansen Dialogue Center – Skopje.

The Nansen model for intercultural education Model (NMIO) is a new model of education in the Republic of Macedonia which enables successful integration of students, parents and teachers from different ethnic communities through a modern educational process.

NMIO is a model of education that nurtures, encourages and integrates multi-ethnic values, bilingualism and at the same time promotes and supports the cooperation between students, teachers and parents based on respect for differences, building a cohesive multiethnic community.