During December 2018, first grade students together with their teachers Teuta Bajram Muharem and Tatjana Stamatova carried out activities from the monthly topic New Year Wishes, of the Eco Section of the Annual Program for intercultural extracurricular activities.

The daily activity consisted of introductory games in order to introduce the daily topics. In mixed groups students made New Year cards and wrote their wishes and hopes for this year. The students also discussed about winter and the changes that occur in nature during this season, they watched videos about winter, and in groups they modelled snowflakes from different materials and shapes.  At the end of the activity each group presented their handmade snowflakes and decorated their classroom with them.

The goals of the activities are to make students aware of the changes that occur in nature, know the characteristics of the winter, work in groups with mixed ethnic composition, exchange ideas and respect the rules in the group.