On October 26, 2013, NDC Skopje organized and hosted the Certificate ceremony for two groups of teachers that have successfully completed the Basic level training cycle within the NDC Skopje Training Centre- Nansen model for integrated education.

During the event, 48 teachers received Certificates for successful completion of the Basic training cycle for integrated education within the NDC Skopje training Centre.

The NDC Skopje Executive Director- Sasho Stojkovski highlighted that the enormous interest for enrolling new teachers in the announced open call for basic training is a very strong indication that the establishment of the Training Centre is very important for the education sector.

We are delighted to award the certificates to the first groups of teachers that successfully completed the basic training cycle within the Training Centre- Nansen model for integrated education. You as participants will receive a certificate which will be internationally recognized and signed by our partner- the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education. I want to highlight that we are positively surprised by the teachers that were willing to participate financially in order to attend the training, we are amazed by their motivation, energy and effort invested in order to attend better training and apply the gained knowledge in their schools.
I congratulate the new generations of teachers and professors for the received partial and full scholarships and I believe that the skills gained during the training will be applied not only in the project activities, but in the regular teaching process as well

The founder of the Nansen Dialogue Network- Steinar Bryn stressed the important role of the teachers in every society and the importance of learning new skills in order to work in multicultural environments.

This Training Centre is preparing the teachers in the best possible way- because you are dealing with the issue of segregation, and that issue is threatening our societies.  It means you are getting knowledge and skills to train the children to live in the best possible way in the Macedonian society.  The Nansen model for integrated education practiced in the Training Centre gives a strong message: Integration is not about becoming more similar integration is about respecting the differences.”

During her remarks, the NDC Skopje Manager for education, training and development highlighted the importance of the careful and systematic planning and structuring of training cycles for integrated education through the prism of the Nansen model for integrated education and the long term benefit for the teachers that have attended the training cycle.

Your participation in the NMIE training has certainly put you ahead of many dilemmas and opened many constructive discussions, triggered a lot of ideas that fed your desire and motivation to continue this multi-layer process, proven by your dedicated and active continuation with the advanced level of training that will allow you to deepen your arguments why integrated education is necessary not only in Macedonia’s social context, but also in the world as a modern educational necessity and trend.

The second part of the event was dedicated to the new groups of teachers that received the complete and partial scholarships from NDC Skopje and will be enrolled soon in the new academic year of the Training Centre.
The new generations of teachers attended two presentations organized by the team for education, training and development during which they were informed about the characteristics and the benefits of the Nansen model for integrated education as well as the Training Centre program.

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