On October 25, 2013 NDC Skopje officially marked the opening of the cabinet for practical lessons within the VSS Mosha Pijade in Tetovo. On the marking of the official handover of the electronic equipment were present: the Deputy Minister for Education – Safet Neziri, the Macedonian Ambassador to Norway – Enver Abdullahi, the founder of NDN – Steinar Bryn, NDC Skopje Executive Director- Sasho Stojkovski, the Coordinator of the VSS Kuben – Kristin Skare, NDC Skopje members of the Management Board – Bente Knagenhljem and Ingrid Vik, the Head of the education department of Tetovo Municipality – Ahmet Qazimi and the Director of the VSS Mosha Pijade – Boris Stojanovski.
The equipment was donated to the school by NDC Skopje that originally received the equipment by the vocational secondary school Kuben from Oslo, Norway.

The equipment will answer the needs of the school during the practical lessons for students and is consisted of the most contemporary electronic devices that are used in vocational schools. The cabinet for practical lessons has the capacity of 30 seats where the students can apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

The director of the VSS Mosha Pijade- Boris Stojanovski said that the new equipment will be used by the professors and students in order to ensure professional development in the field of electro- technics. Part of the equipment is also set in the dispersed classes of the VSS Mosha Pijade in Preljubishte, Jegunovce Municipality where NDC Skopje implements the Nansen model for integrated education.

 “This technical equipment will enable the application of the theoretical knowledge of the students in practice which will result in producing high quality trained cadre for the needs of the foreign investors in the state which will provide increasing development of our society”- said the Deputy Minister for Education and Science – Safet Neziri.

The NDC Skopje Executive Director said that this technical equipment will help the school improve the practical part of the lessons and will also improve the overall quality of education in the vocational secondary school Mosha Pijade.

The event was followed by a large number of media that reported on the official opening of the new cabinet for practical lessons within the school.

After the official opening of the cabinet, the NDC Skopje representatives and Board members together with the Macedonian Ambassador to Norway were invited to the premises of Tetovo Municipality by the Mayor of Tetovo – Teuta Arifi. Ms. Arifi expressed her gratitude for the donated equipment to the school and expressed her support for the NDC Skopje activities in the schools that are located in the Tetovo area.