On December 17, 2014 NDC Skopje officially marked the start- up of the project Nansen model for integrated education in the PS Ali Bektashi and PS Vuk Stefanovic- Karadzic in Bujanovac Municipality. The official launch of the project was marked in the presence of the Mayor of the Municipality of Bujanovac, Mr. Nagip Arifi, NDN founder Mr. Steinar Bryn, NDC Skopje Executive Director Sasho Stojkovski, NDC staff as well as the school management, teachers, parents and students.

The project Nansen model for integrated education in the Municipality of Bujanovac will include 50 students (Serbs and Albanians) in its initial phase. The teachers who will work with the students according to the Annual programs for integrated extracurricular activities are granted scholarships for the NDC Skopje Training Centre program for integrated education in order to strengthen the necessary skills and competences for working with ethnically diverse groups. The project will be implemented with financial support from the Municipality of Bujanovac.