Diverse and numerous activities enriched with the intercultural dimension were successfully realized by 80 primary and secondary education teachers across the country.
Prof. Dr. Vera Stojanovska conducted three trainings for 60 teachers who are long-term promoters of the Nansen Model for Intercultural Education. The trainings were dedicated to the topic: Forms,
The training from Module A was successfully completed by 60 primary and secondary school teachers, as well as professional associates. The training emphasized the perspectives of intercultural education through
Eduresurs.mk is enriched and upgraded with 60 different activities, in support of the teaching process from 6th to 9th grade, prepared by proven practitioners. Free and available in Macedonian,
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Philosophy - Skopje, the Commission for awards and recognitions of the faculty awarded the jubilee
Students from the Institutes of Pedagogy and Psychology, from the Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje and from the Faculty of Pedagogy Ss. Kliment Ohridski, Skopje started a new cycle of
Three groups of teachers and professional associates from several model schools followed the training carried out by prof. Ognen Spasovski, PhD, dedicated to recognizing and nurturing emotional intelligence.
With the lecture of professor Steiner Bryn, a cycle of 6 workshops from Module A was successfully completed. Over 50 teachers and professional associates actively participated in the trainings
Peer violence and ways to prevent it was the topic in 3 workshops, carried out by prof. Elena Achkovska - Leshkovska. PhD. Over 50 long-term associates of NDC Skopje
Prof. Dr. Ognen Spasovski held the training for the five groups of teachers from Module A. The importance of Positive Education was emphasized as a prerequisite for interculturalism.