On 30.09.2021, certificates were awarded to the students, future professional associates and teachers, who successfully completed the trainings from Modul A. During 2021, NDC Skopje established a partnership with
On 27.09.2021, on the occasion of the European Day of Languages, the Language Implementation Agency organized a round table dedicated to the topic: The European concept of linguistic diversity
The training from Module A, which was the result of cooperation between NDC Skopje and the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, is successfully completed. The participants, teachers from Kosovo, left
Prof. Steinar Bryn, founder of the Nansen Network in the Balkans, conducted the last Module A training with students from the Institute of Psychology, the Institute of Pedagogy at
On 31.08.2021, the last training from Module B for the participants from Kosovo was realized. The training was the result of co-operation between NDC Skopje and the OSCE Mission
The third part of the trainings from Module A were successfully realized with the participants of all five groups. These trainings were dedicated to the topic of “Stereotypes and
The second workshop of Module A has finished for all five groups. We thank the participants for their cooperation, interaction and overall positive atmosphere.
The founder of the Nansen Dialogue Network Mr. Steinar Bryn, and the executive director of Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje Mr. Veton Zekolli were invited to give a presentation in
The awarding of certificates for the four groups for the completion of  Modul B was held on 24.06.2021. The participants left with a certificate of completion of Module B,
Two intercultural resource cabinets were officially opened on 06.15.2021 at the Institutes of Pedagogy and Psychology, as a result of fruitful cooperation between the Faculty of Philosophy and NDC