(03.03.2011) Part of the students and teachers from the Project for integrated and bilingual education went for an official visit to the Mayor of Strumica Municipality, Zoran Zaev, on
(27.01.2011) On 27.01.2011, the project “Integrated and bilingual school” in Strumica has been visited by Delegation of OSCE Mission in Macedonia, lead by the Vice Head of Mission, Ms.
(28.12.2010) In a New Year’s and Christmas setting, through games and songs, the students from both first grades have said goodbye to the old year and have announced the
(07 and 12. 12.2010) Due to the New Year’s and Christmas holidays, the teachers from the project in cooperation with the mothers of the students have organized creative workshops
(18.11.2010) The curiosity about the project of IDOU within OOU “Marsal Tito” – Strumica has made the organizers of the children’s show “For all children” on the local TV
(15.11.2010) Due to the Muslim holiday, Kurban Bayram, and for the purpose of getting introduced to the culture, religion and tradition of the fellow-mates, on 15 November 2010, the
(27.11.2010) On 27 November 2010, the students from the project for Integrated and bilingual education have participated in the humanitarian caravan “Human heart”, which has been organized in Strumica
На ден 03.10, 2010 година во Струмица, извршниот директор на НДЦ Скопје г-дин Сашо Стојковски и г-дин Зоран Заев – градоначалник на Струмица потпишаа “Договор за соработка“ во проектот
(24.09.2010) On 24 September 2010, representatives of NDC Skopje have made a presentation of the project “Integrated and bilingual primary school” in the primary municipal school “Marsal Tito” in
(01.04.2011) On 01.04.2011, the students from both generations have actively participated in the 01st of April parade, organized in the village of Zilce, representing the numerous original masks and