On March 12, 2018, the tandem of teachers Violeta Kostova and Urim Suli implemented the activity “Diamonds and gold of South Africa” planned within the section People of the world. The goals of the activity were:

  • encouraging mutual successful group and tandem cooperation,
  • maintaining a positive socio-emotional climate in the group,
  • encouraging students for non-verbal communication in a bilingual environment,
  • improvement of students’ self-esteem,
  • promoting children’s originality, creativity,
  • developing a responsible and active attitude towards group tasks,
  • deepening the students’ interest in researching the characteristics of different geographic regions, their specifics and traditions.

“Students work in groups. The first group makes the flag sticks it to a poster.

The second group prepares origami to get diamond patterns. In the final part of the activity the students answer Yes or No on simple quiz questions – interesting facts about South Africa” V. Kostova and U. Suli.