During February 2019, teachers Ruhije Sali and Biljana Narashanova  together with their fifth grade students carried out the daily activity “PVC” as part of the monthly topic “Pollutants and dangers” from the Eco Section of the Annual Program for extracurricular intercultural activities.

The activity started with an introductory game that was carried out in pairs. The students discussed about PVC symbols and after that,  divided into two groups they made a PVC storage box for storing products with PVC symbols. They covered the storage box with colorful materials in order for it to be noticeable and to remind people to dispose plastic packaging at designated places.

The goals of this activity are: to encourage collaborative relations in the group with an ethnically heterogeneous structure, successful tandem and team realization of the project tasks, to develop awareness for classifying plastic waste in special containers as well as to enable students to independently apply the technique: recycling waste materials.