In the period November 28-30th, 2012 the students from the Integrated Secondary Vocational School “Mosha Pijade”- Jegunovce; Hristijan Simjanovski, Erblin Ameti, Miroslav Savevski and Rexhep Iljazi accompanied by professor Nebojsa Trpkovski attended practical lessons at the Department for Electricians in Sogn Upper School in Oslo, Norway. The purpose of the study visit was to get acquainted with the programs and teaching curricula’s, to learn something new from the ET and ITC subjects as well as to exchange experience with their peer students from Sogn Skole. This practical study visit helped the students and the integrated secondary school in Macedonia gain new perspectives and ideas that could be further implemented in the official school curricula. This study visit was organized and financed by NDC Skopje.

At the Vocational Secondary School in Macedonia, the students have been mostly trained in the theoretical aspect. In Sogn Upper School they were involved in all practice hours and workshops along with Vg1 ELDD. Besides the practical training modules, the students from Jegunovce spent a full day with 10th grade students from Sogn Upper School who had taster courses. The practical part was highly appreciated by the students. Besides the practical vocational training, the students also enjoyed non-formal activities such were: football matches, basketball, conflict mediation courses and visit of Holmenkollen.