On May 22, 2014 NDC Skopje organized an introductory presentation of the Nansen model for integarted education for the parents of the Macedonian and Albanian students from the second grade within the central primary school Goce Delcev in Gostivar. The presentation was realized by the teachers Nagihan Snopce and Gabriela Merdzanovska with the support of the NDC Skopje team. The director of the school Sasho Shareski and the deputy director Sefer Elmazi were also present at the presentation. The parents expressed high interest and support for the project and provided their consent for the participation of their children in the integrated extracurricular activities as part of the Nansen model for integrated education. This presentation is the initial step for including the model within the CPS Goce Delcev and the next step will be the signing of the agreement for cooperation with Gostivar municipality in order to formally mark the start-up of the project from the upcoming academic year.