In the period May 7th to 10th NDC Skopje hosted a delegation from Northern Ireland consisted of Ms. Noreen Campbell – NICIE CEO, Ms. Patricia Murtagh – Principal of Hazelwood IPS, Mr. Nigel Arnold- Principal of Glengormley IPS, Ms. Olwen Griffith – Principal of Blackwater IC and Mr. Nigel Frith- Principal of Drumragh IC.  The purpose of the visit was to get closely informed about NDC Skopje program activities and efforts to support integrated education, to visit the schools which apply the Nansen model for integrated education as well as to contribute towards the development of the Program for cooperation with school principals.

On May 7th, the delegation visited the premises of NDC Skopje and the Training Centre where they attended the presentations prepared by the NDC Skopje Executive Director Mr. Sasho Stojkovski, Project Manager Mr. Veton Zekolli, Manager for ETD Ms. Biljana Krsteska- Papic and Coordinator for ETD Ms. Sonaj Bilal.

On May 8th, the Northern Ireland delegation visited the PS Slavcho Stojmenski in Vinica Municipality where they attended an integrated extracurricular activity prepared by the teachers Ms. Shenaj Amedova and Ms. Sanja Smilanska. Afterwards, the delegation met with the Mayor of Vinica Municipality Mr. Emil Doncev and the Principal of the school Mr. Jordanco Stojanov.

On May 9th, the guests visited the first integrated primary school Fridtjof Nansen in Preljubishte, Jegunovce Municipality as well as the first integrated secondary school Mosha Pijade. The delegation also met with the group 5 participants attending the practical modules within the integrated schools. During the visit of Jegunovce Municipality the delegation was hosted by the Mayor of Jegunovce Mr. Toni Koceski who expressed his perspectives regarding the benefits of integrated education.

On the last day of the visit, May 10th, NDC Skopje organized a meeting with 20 school directors from primary and secondary schools in Macedonia which are interested to include the Nansen model for integrated education within their schools. During the meeting, the directors had the opportunity to learn more about the integrated schools in Northern Ireland through the presentations prepared by the directors of integrated primary and secondary schools from NI as well as NICIE representatives. During the meeting, NDC Skopje representatives thoroughly presented the Nansen model for integrated education and provided an overview of the importance of integrated education in the Macedonian context.

The visit of the NICIE CEO and directors of integrated school from Northern Ireland was of great importance to the NDC Skopje office and represented a platform for exchange of new information, deepening the cooperation and initiation of new collaborative relations for the future.

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