On 15.09.2011, the project has been presented to the parents of students in sixth grade within the Regional school “Goce Delcev” – Nova Maala, Vasilevo Municipality, with the purpose of informing them about the goal and results that have been achieved so far through the realization of the Project “Nansen model for integrated education”.

Specific for this group of students is that the children from the Turkish ethnic community begin to follow the regular teaching process in Macedonian language in sixth grade, and the realization of this type of integrated extracurricular activities will be an excellent opportunity for fostering their mother tongue. The presentation has been at the same time an opportunity for the parents to give approval for involvement of their children in the integrated extracurricular activities, which are planned to start with realization during the next month.

On 20.09.2011, another presentation has been held for the parents of the students from Visoka Maala, in front of the Mayor of Vasilevo Municipality, Ms. Chairman of the Council of the Municipality, as well as the representatives of the Team of NDC Skopje, and after that, approval and support has been given for including this group of students in the planned project activities.