November 9, 2015- Nansen dialogue Centre Skopje has developed and announced the E-platform for the implementers of the Nansen model for integrated education in primary and secondary education. The e-platform is a new innovative tool developed with the goal of providing the teachers all the necessary resources and tools for planning, organizing and implementing high-quality activities that are integral part of the Nansen model for integrated education.  The e-platform will enable advancement of the integrated extracurricular activities, sharing of best practices, communication between all implementers and practical communication with NDC Skopje team for education, training and development.

The E-platform for the Nansen model implementers offers immediate and easy access to various program content, including:

– Annual programs for integrated extracurricular activities for primary and secondary education
– Didactical packages for primary and secondary education
– 3 editions of Practicums of NMIE implementers
– Manual for parents
– Manual for NMIE implementers.

Besides the resources necessary for implementation of the Nansen model for integrated education, the users of the platform will have the opportunity to use various additional tools for communication, such are internal forums, chats, messaging, and an equally important element is the possibility to submit the daily/monthly preparations for review.

The E-platform will have multiple benefits for the NMIE implementers, mainly related to the easy access to all program content, saving time and resources, advancement of computer skills, broader choice and available ideas for planning and organizing integrated extracurricular activities.

The E-platform for NMIE implementers will be officially put in use by November 10, 2015 and each of the Nansen model implementers will have a customized page within the E-platform that will be specific for the needs of the particular grade and program section.