On October 27, 2018, Nansen Dialogue Center Skopje promoted the Manual for teachers – How to achieve intercultural education. The manual was promoted during the international conference on intercultural education attended by teachers – participants at the Training Center for intercultural education as well as international expert-lecturers.

Paula Mcllwaine from the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education and Sonaj Bilal, NDC Skopje Coordinator for education, training and development, accented the role and importance of the handbook.

Paula Mcllwaine emphasized the range of interactive methodologies which can be adopted to foster a positive socio-emotional climate and contribute to the development of student skills through open, constructive communication, peaceful conflict resolution, overcoming bias, stereotypes and prejudice and fostering critical thinking skills. Paula highlighted the benefits of this manual and how it demonstrates that all schools and teachers in Macedonia can engage in positive, planned intercultural activity and the positive note that the Nansen model for intercultural education has also been highlighted in the later sections where the impressive, positive outcomes of the model’s extracurricular activities have been outlined.

NDC Skopje Coordinator for education, training and development emphasized that the content of the Manual for teachers – How to achieve intercultural education is shaped in accordance with the Concept for Intercultural Education that offers clear guidelines and solutions on how the educational system in the R. of Macedonia can be transformed and upgraded with intercultural orientation and values. The manual is designed to familiarize teachers with the basic postulates of intercultural education, but also to help them create diverse educational initiatives with an intercultural feature.

To download and read the manual, please click on the following links: