In the period of 24.08-26.08.2010, a three-day training has been realized with the goal of promoting the concept and methodology of the work in integrated bilingual schools.

The training has been intended for the teachers who have the role of immediate implementers in IBPS (village Preljubiste), as well as for the professors who will be teaching in IBSS, in first year. Also, 5 teachers in first till fourth grade from OU “Marsal Tito” from Strumica took active participation. This is the school where the extension and multiplication of the project is being planned during the academic 2010/2011. On the training, the teachers D. Rexhepi and A. Kitanovska have also been invited, as long-time collaborators of NDC Skopje.

The training has been structured in three workshops with different daily topics:

– What is IBPS?
– The characteristics of integrated bilingual education and
– How to get to integrated bilingual education.

The training has been realized within the premises of IBPS (village Preljubiste), as a representative facility rich with many positive indicators about the acquisitions from integrated bilingual education, beginning from early school age.

All abovementioned workshops have been characterized with interactive approach, which has enabled the participants to continuously have an active role in the tandem and team realization of the planned practical assignments.

The group realization of the assignments has resulted with a constructive mutual cooperation, as well as with successful, quality exit outcome.

During all three days, a pleasant working ambiance has been prevailing, as well as a positive emotional setting which has enabled the establishment of a multidirectional communication on both languages.