On 21 and 22.08.2010, two workshops have been realized with the future secondary school students, who will be the first generation of students in IDSU, village Preljubiste.

These were the goals of the workshops:

– Mutual introduction of the students and informing them about the importance of the team and tandem work;
– Developing communication skills as a postulate for constructive and quality mutual cooperation and assistance;
– Training the students for non-verbal communication in a group that is marked as a heterogenic ethnic structure and
– Practicing the active listening of the schoolmates.

Several types of techniques and games which had an influence on the encouragement and maintenance of the positive emotional ambiance in the group have been used on the workshops.

The participants have developed strong interpersonal relations, as well as active relation towards the planned games which have been characterized with a bilingual component, owing to the tandem work of the educators: Valon Sadiki and Gjorgji Trpeski.

The techniques for evaluation of the workshops were a confirmation of the successfully realized goals, i.e. they have pointed out the main acquisition of the workshops – the cohesiveness of the group.