On December 11, 2014 in the premises of the primary school Bratstvo Migeni in Tetovo Municipality, Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje organized a roundtable with in order to discuss the risks associated with the trend of separation of schools in the municipality of Tetovo, and sharing experiences related to the application of the Nansen model for integrated education.

The speakers at the roundtable event were the High Commissioner on National Minorities, Astrid Thors, the Mayor of Tetovo Municipality, Teuta Arifi, and the Director of NDC Skopje, Sasho Stojkovski. The roundtable was attended by representatives of the Ministry for education and Science, Bureau for development of education, Education Inspectorate, representatives of Tetovo Municipality, representatives of the NDC Skopje management Board, the school management as well as the teachers and parents who are included in the project Nansen model for integrated education.

The roundtable is organized in order to find solutions and to offer potential recommendations for increasing the level of integration in schools and to prevent the trend of separation of schools along ethnic lines.

During the visit of the PS Bratstvo Migeni, the HCNM Astrid Thors together with the Minister for education and science, Abdilaqim Ademi, the Mayor of Tetovo, Teuta Arifi and NDC Skopje representatives visited the classrooms where the project Nansen model for integrated education is implemented within the PS Bratstvo Migeni in Tetovo.