During February and March 2019, teachers Hyrmete Alla and Tijana Bajraktarska together with students from the fourth grade carried out activities within the monthly topic “Knitting” from the Art section of the Annual program for extracurricular intercultural activities.

The teachers and their students discussed about warm winter clothes and through the song “Warm clothes” they revealed the topic of the daily activity. During the realization of the daily activity “Scarf”, the students cooperated with each other and using different materials they created crafts in shapes of scarves. With the teachers’ help they also knitted scarves using yarn in different colors.

The aims of the activities are: to encourage collaborative relationships in the group with an ethnically heterogeneous structure, to familiarize students with the basics of knitting as a way of creative expression, to exercise patience while realizing artistic tasks, as well as to create their own style and expression while designing and creating.