Visionary and necessary – these words can describe the School for Young Politicians, which has been a host to many politicians: former and recent MPs, ministers and other public officials. The school was organized by the Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje (NDC), and was held in Ohrid in 2003 during two sessions – March-April and September-October, with a total of 21 days of active lectures, group work and simulations.

The goal was to enable members of youth wings of political parties to grow into better, more skilled and better-educated future politicians.

NDC initially worked together with representatives of most major political parties to determine the School’s programme.

That was followed by trainings in political marketing, public relations, dialogue, discussion and political communication. Instructions were held by eminent lecturers from the country and abroad, including professors, journalists and experts.

Particularly attractive to participants was the lecture by the eminent lecturer from Norway Steinar Bryn on dialogue and cultural identity.

A key feature of the School was the practical training, because the participants managed to simulate the entire election process, starting from announcing elections, conducting an election campaign by recording interviews and other media appearances, holding public speeches, rallies, and voting to declaring an election winner.

The School for Young Politicians focused on the relationship that politicians should build with the media, then the political system, international relations, conflict resolution, human rights in terms of international conventions and other topics.

The second session of the School in September and October 2003 included instructions by leaders of political parties and ambassadors.

School participants also had extensive lectures on the European Union – its institutions and the ways of operating, Macedonia-EU relations and the goal for which the country aspires to the membership.

20 lecturers and 40 young politicians took part in two sessions of the School.